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Breaking Bad Appreciation Week Day 3: Characters

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Get To Know Me Meme:

[2/5] Favorite TV Shows - Breaking Bad

Some straight like you, giant stick up his ass, all of a sudden at age what – 60? He’s just gonna break bad?

Theon wondered what that would be like, to have a home.

and not a single f*** was given

L.A. Noire - Cole Phelps being an asshole

The Evil Within


"I wanted you to find me ‘cause if you could find me, you could find… him."

This babe kills me I swear


Silent Hill (1999)

Title: Game of Thrones theme song played in the style of a music box

Played: 253703 times


sorry I had to



Authentic pictures of Chilton at Will’s place.

■tonsil trouble: 12x1